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Books About Northern Arts & Artists

Arctic Lace: Knitting Projects and Stories Inspired by Alaska's Native Knitters
by Donna Druchunas
Nomad Press, 2006.

"Donna Druchunas is a great teacher and a historian/sociologist. The beginning of the book documents what has occured in the knitting craft in Alaska. She describes the background and the current occurances in an interesting manner. She also supplies a section that pertains to each area and the different peoples of the area so that all the information is on context. As for the knitting...It is presented first in 3 lessons that are simple to follow and understand. The patterns are rendered in the same manner. Lastly she also teaches you how to design and create your own patterns." (Review by Victoria Velazquez)

Alaska Native Art: Tradition, Innovation, Continuity
by Susan W. Fair
University of Alaska Press, 2006.

The rich artistic traditions of Alaska Natives are the subject of this landmark volume, which examines the work of the premier Alaska artists of the twentieth century.

Art of the Far North: Inuit Sculpture, Drawing, and Printmaking
by Carol Finley
Lerner Publishing Group, 1998.

A lovely portrayal of the art of the Inuit people, especially those in Cape Dorset on Baffin Island and in Nunavut, for ages 9-12.

Arctic Spirit: The Albrecht Collection of Inuit Art at the Heard Museum
by Ingo Hessell
Douglas & McIntyre, 2006.

Confessions of an Igloo Dweller
by James A. Houston
Houghton Mifflin: Toronto ON, 1996.

The author first went to the Canadian Arctic in 1948, and became a major force in the promotion and development of Inuit art forms. "Confessions of an Igloo Dweller" is truly a classic of Northern literature.

"Inuit Art" by Ingo Hessell. Photography by Dieter Hessel.
Douglas & McKintyre: Vancouver BC, 1998

"Celebrating Inuit Art, 1948-1970", edited by Maria von Finckenstein.
Key Porter: Toronto ON, 2000.

"Arctic Dreams and Nightmares" by Alootook Ipellie. Drawings by Alootook Ipellie.
Theytus Books: Penticton BC, 1993.

"The Inuit Print: A Travelling Exhibition of the National Museum of Man" by the National Museum of Man.
National Museum of Man: Ottawa ON, 1977.

"Our Boots: An Inuit Women's Art" by Jill E. Oakes and Rick Riewe. Published by Douglas & McIntyre, 1995.

"The Inuit Imagination: Arctic Myth and Sculpture" by Harold Seidelman and James Turner. Published by Douglas & McIntyre, 1993; Thames and Hudson, 1994.

"Inuit Dolls: Reminders of a Heritage" by Eva Strickler and Anaoyok Alookee. 1988. Published by Canadian Stage and Arts Publications Limited.

"Sculpture of the Inuit: Masterworks of the Canadian Arctic" by George Swinton.
McClelland & Stewart, 1992.

"The Shaman's Nephew: A Life in the Far North" by Simon Tookoome with Sheldon Oberman.
Stoddart Kids: Toronto ON, 1999.

"Inuit Women Artists: Voices from Cape Dorset" edited by Odette Leroux, Marion E. Jackson and Minnie Aodla Freeman.
University of Washington Press: Seattle WA, 1994.

"Inuksuit: Silent Messengers of the Arctic" by Norman Hallendy.
Douglas & McIntyre: Vancouver BC, 2000.

"Inuit: Glimpses of an Arctic Past" by David Morrison and Georges-Hébert Germain. 1995. Published by the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Hull, Quebec.

"Inuit Art Quarterly". The world's only Inuit art magazine. Published by the Inuit Art Foundation, a non-profit organization owned by Inuit artists.