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Arctic & Northern Photography

Salmon in the Trees: Life in Alaska's Tongass Rain Forest
By Amy Gulick (Photographer), with Ray Troll (Illustrator)
Braided River, April 2010
176 pages
A 2010 Independent Publisher Book Award winner, Salmon in the Trees tells the story of the Tongass, a 17 million-acre temperate rain forest fringing the coastal panhandle of Alaska and covering thousands of islands in the Alexander Archipelago. With some of the world's highest densities of grizzly bears, black bears, and bald eagles, the Tongass National Forest is a place that time hasn't quite caught up to yet. Here, millions of wild salmon are the crucial link between the forest and the sea, and shape both animal and human lives. But can the great forest's biological treasures withstand the modern pressures of a globalized world?
For two years, acclaimed nature photographer Amy Gulick paddled and trekked among the bears, misty islands, and salmon streams to photograph the intricate connections within the Tongass. Together with essays from renowned conservationists, scientists, and writers Richard Nelson, Brad Matsen, Dr. Carl Safina, Ray Troll, Rosita Worl, Richard Carstensen, John Schoen, Douglas Chadwick, and John Straley, Gulick's images tell a hopeful story of this magnificent and rare world treasure.

Misty Fjords National Monument Wilderness
By Chip Porter
Chip Porter, December 2007
104 pages
Born and raised in rainy Ketchikan, Alaska, Porter's images bring this incredible land to life. The 105 photographs in this volume are accompanied by overviews and personal stories about one of America's newest Monuments. See Porter's portfolio of images on his Web site at

Vanishing World: The Endangered Arctic
By Fredrik Granath (Author) and Mireille de la Lez (Photographer)
Abrams Books, October 2007
264 pages
Published to coincide with the International Polar Year, Vanishing World is an unprecedented visual record of life in the Arctic. Five years in the making, this book is both a celebration of the wildlife that inhabits this harsh and unforgiving climate and a cautionary tale of global warming.
Set against a dramatic landscape of ice floes and ragged mountains, readers will see the polar bears, foxes, seals, walruses, and reindeers who now struggle to live in this vulnerable climate. Images of a polar bear mother as she takes her newborns out for their first hunt, a seal pup only hours old, the spectacle of the polar night, and the majesty of the glaciers and pack ice are a reminder of what is at risk.

Three Rivers: The Yukon's Great Boreal Wilderness
By Juri Peepre, Margaret Atwood, Courtney Milne and others
Harbour Publishing, May 2006
148 pages
Packed with awe-inspiring photography, art and writings by such notables as Courtney Milne, Margaret Atwood and John Ralston Saul, this sumptuous volume offers an unforgettable tour of a natural wonderland so rich in grizzly bears, wolves, caribou, peregrine falcons and wildflowers most will have difficulty believing such a place still exists. Three Rivers is a prize to be cherished by anyone who appreciates great photography, fine writing and untrammelled nature, and a must-have for anyone who takes an interest in the fate of our beleaguered but still awe-inspiring planet.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land
By Subhankar Banerjee
Mountaineers Books, April 2003
176 pages
Banerjee's stunningly beautiful images show the diversity of life in America's greatest wilderness refuge.

Call of the North: An Explorer's Journey to the North Pole
By Jean Malaurie
Harry N. Abrams, October 2001
351 pages
Enraptured by the Inuit way of life ever since he became the first Frenchman to reach the North Pole by dog sled in 1951, Jean Malaurie records for all time the disappearing traditions of the Inuits-in an enthralling photo-documentary that is also a terrific adventure story by one of the great explorers of our age.
While leading more than 30 scientific expeditions from Greenland to Siberia, Malaurie has witnessed the changes thrust upon the Inuits as they have been wrenched from their traditional culture into the nuclear age. In riveting narrative and 300 color photographs of awesome landscapes, daily life in igloos, whale- hunting scenes, and shamanic rituals, he captures "the call of the north" that keeps drawing him to the polar world.

Seasons of the Arctic
By Paul Nicklen
Sierra Club Books, October 2000
128 pages
In this beautifully produced, large-format volume, photographer Paul Nicklen unveils the soul of the magnificent Arctic. Nicklen has ventured to its most distant corners, and his work captures the incredible beauty and diversity of this vast land: caribou migrations and blossoming flowers in spring; sleepy walruses, nests of snow-goose chicks, and rainbows in summer; sparring polar bears and the dazzling aurora borealis in autumn; and ptarmigan, arctic foxes, and ravens in winter.
The superb images are complemented by the poetic text of Hugh Brody, who describes the six seasons identified by the Inuit, the true experts on the Arctic, and eloquently expresses the passion he feels for this unique landscape.

By Art Wolfe (Photographer) and Nick Jans (Author)
Sasquatch Books, January 2002
160 pages
Over 130 images by Art Wolfe paired with essays from Nick Jans record the splendor of this great American wilderness. From intimate singular images to hauntingly beautiful landscapes, Alaska finds new expression under the artful lens of Art Wolfe.